Stolas – Medusa

Stolas Medusa

Found these guys on LinkedIn.  Yeah…LinkedIn.  Saw the guitar player’s photo on my stream and thought, “That guy’s got to be a musician.”  Turns out I was right and his band kicks absolute ass.

Nelly Niel

When The Mrs. and I travel to bigger cities, we always stop and listen to anybody that is performing music on the street.  Even if they suck, we’ll still throw in at least a buck or two to help the cause.  If we came across this guy – the unknown genius Nelly Niel  – ripping […]

Oberon Ale

Bell's Oberon Ale

This Pale Wheat Ale pours a cloudy golden color with lots of little floaters swirling about. Lots of carbonation here. Pulled it right from the fridge and poured a bit heavy and foam shot to the top of the glass and flowed over the rim and all over my kitchen counter. My wife notices and […]

Schloss Eggenberg Samichlaus – Classic

Schloss Eggenberg Samichlaus - Classic

With an alcohol content of 14% this one will get ya.  This Dopplebock pours a dark maple color with virtually no head at all. It was there for just a second and then it left a very slight visible ring around the glass.

Yo Momma

Yo Momma

If ya haven’t figured out, me & Big Swole go way back.  For as long as I can remember we have been throwing stupid funny shit back and forth at each other with a large portion being based in an insult.  You know…it’s just what guys do. I heard a Yo Momma joke a couple […]

Signature Smoked Porter

Signature Smoked Porter

This porter from Choc Brewey pours a rich dark brown – think dark fudge – with a nice foamy, light tawny head that gradually shows a bit of lacing. I abolutely love the deep color of this brew. Sorry for no pic of the glass. Its a SMOKED porter allright. The woody smoky aroma really […]

Scatterbrain – Don’t Call Me Dude

All Big Swole had to do was mention the band Scatterbrain in his post about Psychostick and it sent me on a path down a memory highway that I have not driven down in years.  It was fueled with way too much shitty beer, packs and packs of Marlboro Reds and countless hours jamming to […]

Miner Mishap Black Lager

Miner Mishap Black Lager

This black lager from Choc pours a very dark brown – damn near black – with just a little carbonation.  It had a head for about a minute or so and then it settled down and looked alot like stout with a nice ring of creamy bubbles around the edges of the glass. I am […]

Mnemic – Diesel Uterus

I have been a huge fan of the Danish metal band Mnemic after stumbling across them on a late night YouTube music binge.  I dug it so much I went out a grabbed a copy Sons of The System the very next day and put the entire album on repeat for a week or two.  […]

Trombone Shorty

  Was frying some fish last night and I needed some fish frying music to really do it right.  Since P and I have been talking about  New Orleans lately, and I had my fingers in fresh fish with a pot of grits on the stove,  I was going for soul or funk.  A few […]