Stolas – Medusa

Stolas Medusa

Found these guys on LinkedIn.  Yeah…LinkedIn.  Saw the guitar player’s photo on my stream and thought, “That guy’s got to be a musician.”  Turns out I was right and his band kicks absolute ass.

Shadows Fall

Shadows Fall

Some of Big Swole’s favorite tracks from Shadows Fall!

2Cellos – Highway to Hell

2 Cellos

These two dudes are whack! Like them or not, you have to appreciate the talent and musicianship it takes to convert some of the most monster rock songs in history into a duet played on cellos. I personally like the shit out of them.

Jimmy Herring Band

The Jimmy Herring Band

Recorded at the Jomeokee Festival Jimmy Herring is an American guitarist who is the lead guitarist in the band Widespread Panic. Herring is a founding member of Aquarium Rescue Unit and Jazz Is Dead. He has also played with The Allman Brothers Band, Project Z, Derek Trucks Band, and has enjoyed a long and successful […]

Tony Monaco

Tony Monaco

Tony Monaco’s Jimmy Smith Tribute is a monster!

Nelly Niel

When The Mrs. and I travel to bigger cities, we always stop and listen to anybody that is performing music on the street.  Even if they suck, we’ll still throw in at least a buck or two to help the cause.  If we came across this guy – the unknown genius Nelly Niel  – ripping […]

Throwdown – This Continuum

Another of my lifting bands. To me, it sounds like Godsmack and Pantera had a baby and said “Throwdown, Bitch!”

Just some Jamming from Andy, Zakk & Richie

When you look up Heavy Metal guitarist in the Encyclopedia, If ZW isn’t mentioned, throw that crap in the trash and go get some real books. One of the quintessential metal bad asses. Richie Faulkner, while no KK Downing or Glen Tiptop, he ain’t chopped liver either. Quality shredding from the new axeman for Judas […]

Scatterbrain – Don’t Call Me Dude

All Big Swole had to do was mention the band Scatterbrain in his post about Psychostick and it sent me on a path down a memory highway that I have not driven down in years.  It was fueled with way too much shitty beer, packs and packs of Marlboro Reds and countless hours jamming to […]