All Big Swole had to do was mention the band Scatterbrain in his post about Psychostick and it sent me on a path down a memory highway that I have not driven down in years.  It was fueled with way too much shitty beer, packs and packs of Marlboro Reds and countless hours jamming to the Scamboogery album with my guitar player at the time Johnny X. Yeah…I thought it was a silly name too.

It was 1992 and Johnny and I thought we had discovered the next big thing.  These guys from NY were putting together well crafted songs, smart lyrics wrapped in absolute satire matched with crazy musicianship.  They were sure to hit big.  Well..we were wrong.  Most people didn’t get it.  They didn’t get Johnny X or our band The Magic Tornado either.  I guess both bands were ahead of our time.

Check out the killer “chicken pickin” in this track!

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