This porter from Choc Brewey pours a rich dark brown – think dark fudge – with a nice foamy, light tawny head that gradually shows a bit of lacing. I abolutely love the deep color of this brew. Sorry for no pic of the glass.

Its a SMOKED porter allright. The woody smoky aroma really comes on strong as soon as it hits the glass. There are also touches of roasted malt and a faint dark chocolate that’s somewhere there in the background.

This is a big flavour beer with lots of smoke, a medium of body, a fair amount of carbonation, roasted malts and again more smoke. I also got hints of coffee and chocolate on the end which seem to sit around for a while. Not a very heavy mouthful for such a big beer,

Although I initially liked the smoke flavor, after drinking two of them, the smoky aroma and flavors started to remind me of liquid smoke. Didn’t really dig that at all. Once it warmed up a bit the smoke flavor started reminding me of burnt rubber. Probably won’t but it again, but next time I’ve got to remember to drink it faster.


Signature Smoked Porter
Beer-Type: Porter
Alcohol By Volume: 7%

Choc Brewery
Country: USA

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