With an alcohol content of 14% this one will get ya.  This Dopplebock pours a dark maple color with virtually no head at all. It was there for just a second and then it left a very slight visible ring around the glass.

The aromas are all over the place. Dark roasted fruits, raisins, figs, burnt sugars, touches of smoke and the slight burn of alcohol.

Surprisingly balanced considering the variety of smells but still much more than what I was expecting. Definitely a sweet beer but not overly sweet. I get raisins and molasses but still got a little of the malt which for me, made it not so much of a fruity beer. The heavy alcohol reminds me of a brandy or possibly a strong port wine. I actually wonder if it might get stronger, mellow a bit and become more balanced if I let it age a bit. Maybe I should have bought two and stuck one in the wife’s bar. Good stuff.

Note To Self : Get some stinky cheese next time. I think it would go well with a bleu or a white stilton.

Beer-Type: Doppelbock
Alcohol By Volume: 14%

Brewery: Schloss Brewery
Country: Austria
URL: www.schloss-eggenberg.at/

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