Was frying some fish last night and I needed some fish frying music to really do it right.  Since P and I have been talking about  New Orleans lately, and I had my fingers in fresh fish with a pot of grits on the stove,  I was going for soul or funk.  A few seconds into my search and hot damn, Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue have new album.

I love this stuff.  It’s a groovy mish mash of rock, funk, soul, and hip hop that hits on all cylinders.   Fire and Brimstone and the title cut Say That to Say This are my standout tracks but the whole record front to back has a great vibe.  It’s like a classic funk album with touches of Bourbon St. brass blasts and breakdowns thrown in.

Give this one a listen and just try to not bob your head.



[spotify play=”spotify:album:2cyzBFOHQep4sOuKHpTaBq” size=”400″ sizetype=”width”]

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