Recorded at the Jomeokee Festival

Jimmy Herring is an American guitarist who is the lead guitarist in the band Widespread Panic. Herring is a founding member of Aquarium Rescue Unit and Jazz Is Dead. He has also played with The Allman Brothers Band, Project Z, Derek Trucks Band, and has enjoyed a long and successful tenure with Phil Lesh and Friends as well as The Dead.

Bass in this video is Neal Fountain, from Gray GA. Neal was a college mate and played in several local bands while in college, along with playing for Col Bruce Hampton & Fiji Mariners. When he was a teenager he also played with Middle Georgia Fiddle Legend Randy Howard at the Grand Ole Opry and with Bobby O’Dea and Friends (who in Neal’s words: Bobby was an organ player and the Friends were a bunch of  guys in their mid-forties to sixties who had all been members of  Otis Redding’s band, James Brown’s band, and other super old R&B players who couldn’t do the road anymore and realized that young chicks would come to see them.)

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