I figured I’d start my first post with one of my all-time favorite beers by one of my favorite breweries.  The Imperial Russian Stout from Stone Brewery is one of those BIG ass beers that make you feel like you just ate a meal but damn is it tasty.

It pours a deep dark black with a nice sized finger or so tan head and gives off a good aroma of coffee, dark chocolate, and a little smoke.  I started with it a little colder than I like but once it warmed up a bit l got coffee, roasted malts, a little chocolate and even some licorice.   Went great with my Drew Estate ACID Krush Cigar.

The mouth feel is much lighter than expected from such a big stout. I could totally do a few of these in one sitting but with an ABV of 10.5% ,  I would probably be professing my adoration for some shitty 80’s hair band and wondering how I lost my boxers.  I swear I just had em on…



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