Words? These guys are too bad ass to deal with words.

It’s not every day that I find an all instrumental rock band that I like, much less one that rips grooves like this band does. I got turned on to this three piece from Chicago by my wife (yes…she rocks…harder than you) and have been a fan ever since.

I love how they are very groove centric but still able to go into weird places either rhymically or tonally and then bring it right back to the same place or my favorite, take it in a completely different direction. Drummer Dave Turncrantz takes some cool turns without being so “math rocky” and guitarist Mike Sullivan’s tone is dirty and his dissonance/feedback sections are both tasteful and brutal at the same time.

Another great band that I gotta see live.



Here’s the full album if you’re interested.


[spotify play=”spotify:album:7pp0OKHGvw29DuSI3hSBXN” size=”400″ sizetype=”width”]

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