I bought the Cry of Love album “Brother” on cassette back in 1994 and friggin loved it. I  thought it was such a soulful southern jam that I played it so often that it wore all the letters off the tape.  I also got to see them at a shitty bar outside of Atlanta and it was a rocking show.  The guy that really stood out was the singer Kelly Holland.  Damn,that guy could sing and he made it look so easy.  Definitely had the rock star vibe down.

Kelly passed away on Monday, February 24, 2014.  That just sucks and our thoughts go out to all of his family friends.

Here’s the full Cry of Love Album Brother


Here’s an article with details if you’re interested.


[spotify play=”spotify:album:2fX9niq6mAumSozu4KnPmB” size=”400″ sizetype=”width”]

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