I was going through my “starred” playlist on Spotify and remembered how much I dug the track This Body from The Dear Hunter.  It was such a great song I decided to look into The Dear Hunter a bit a post the track on the site. I had listened to a few tracks from The Dear Hunter and loved some and were a little ‘eh to others.  Then I discovered that This Body is part of an epic 36 song album called The Color Spectrum. Holy shit…

Check the wiki description:
The Color Spectrum is the cumulative title of a project by The Dear Hunter consisting of a series of nine EPs of which each reflects an individual color of the visible color spectrum (namely Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet and White). This project was envisioned by frontman Casey Crescenzo as a way to interpret the colors of the spectrum via music, and is in no way related to the Act I-VI storyline, the band’s main project. It was released on June 14, 2011.


I have listened to this opus all the way through twice now and have come to the conclusion that this 2011 release is a true masterpiece.  Not only are these guys crafting amazing songs that are filled with real emotion but the way they effortlessly bounce through genres and styles give these songs ( and colors) an ebb and flow throughout the album that just pulls you in.  Add in the fact that they are over the top musicians and they are well on their way towards being one of my favorites.

The Dear Hunter Pic

Vocalist Casey Crescenzo is just a monster.  So hard to believe that this big burly bearded dude has such haunting and emotional vocals that just seem to connect on so many levels.  Maybe the Hagrid look is the new “Sensitive Ponytail Guy.”  Either way, he kicks ass.

Drummer Nick Crescenzo is officially my new favorite drummer on the scene.  If you’re a fan of Bonzo, this guy is pulling the soul of Bonham from his drunken grave and slaughtering his kit with smokin’ tasteful playing.  He does some stuff that is so reminiscent of old Zep but he also seems to channel a ton of other greats.  The tom work sounds like Danny Carey (TOOL),  his dynamics remind me of Jon Theodore from Mars Volta off Deloused in The Comatorium and his daunting size and solid grooves reminds me Jean-Paul Gaster from Clutch.   As a drummer, this cat’s performance on this record is inspirational.

I just want to know, where the fuck was I when it came out and why haven’t I seen them?




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