Coors?  Mr. Beer Snob is touting a regular beer from a major American brewer and not some heavy, full flavored ale from a smaller independent brewery? It’s probably just a trolling thing and he’s only doing it for the big “F-you-Turnaround” and the end.

Nope.  It’s a decent beer.  Sure all of the reviewers on and both give it the thumbs down, but dollar for dollar it’s a pretty fine beverage. It’s definitly not my “go-to” for a night out or a night in for that matter, but if I am painting the house and somebody brings by a 12 pack, I’m drinkin’ it.

It’s bright yellow pour and full head looks tasty but ya gotta take a picture as the head falls pretty fast.  I also don’t really get anything in the smell department.  Maybe wheat or grass but I am probably reaching.

It is a bit watery like the big brewery beers but it does have a taste that I like better than the other big boy’s offerings.  Ice cold it was crisp and refreshing and has a dry finish with a touch of sweet hanging there a bit.

It also went down a bit too fast.  I bought a 6 and before I realized it, I had downed 3.  Note to self: Don’t drink stouts for a week and then switch to a macro brew.

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  1. Coors is a great beer. Coors light on the other hand, is just awful. I’ve never been able to stomach the entire beer…even when it’s free! I’m a full flavored beer chic, started off with heavy reds and moved on to stouts at an early (drinking) age. I hate light beers as a whole and wouldn’t buy one if my life depended on it…well… But Coors is a totally different story. Lots of flava and just a good ol’ full flavored beer!

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